Instructions for ASSEMBLY

Following the procedure for the correct installation of the tents



• Take measurements of the tent , make sure that the ordered size and corresponding to the place where mount;

• Preliminarily control the number of holes according to the size of the tent and to the eyelets on the rod

• Pierce the surface with the drill with a drill for trying to evenly space out the holes so as to evenly distribute the weight . ( The eyelets on the rod are mobile )

• Bring drill and drill the holes using a stung by 6 cm (fig. 1)



Screw the plugs and attach the eyelets so as to ensure the curtain(fig. 2-fig. 2-2)



    •Finally set up the tent (fig. 3 | 3-2)                                                             


N.B. For the proper use of the product make sure that the tent is at least 1cm from the ground


• Where necessary , cut the final part of the tent so that it is distant from the surface at least 1 cm . For cutting using a cutter or scissors professional (fig. 4)                                        


For any problems with assembling WE ARE AT YOUR DISPOSAL